Hello, my name is Jay Williams, and I'm a web developer, husband, father, and music lover.

This blog started in 2006 as an offshoot of my photoblog; a place for me to post random creations and tidbits I stumbled upon.

A Bit of History

The site was originally created with RapidWeaver 3.5 which I got as part of a MacHeist software bundle. It was a nifty piece of software, which allowed to to easily create a static HTML site.

Then in September 2008, Tumblr rose to popularity, and I ported the site to that platform, where it ran very happily, through the initial purchase by Yahoo, then Verizon, and now Automatic?!?—anywho in 2017 I figured it was about time for me to migrate the site to my own self-hosted solution, simple right? Not so fast.

When it comes to self-hosting a website there are no limits to what software and technology stack you can use. So after sitting on the fence for a few years, I decided to bypass it all and instead create some dead-simple HTML files by hand, the old fashioned way.

Welcome to Addendum.

Jay Williams, October 2019

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