October 2021

Get 'Er Done

There are numerous projects I've been wanting to do for a while now but never got completed. Last month I decided I'd double down and finally do all of these random, relatively small projects, so I could enjoy them! They're not completely finished yet, but I've been making some serious headway.

Project #1: Tune Piano @ Home
100% Complete (never done this before, took me a few evenings, but lots of fun)

Project #2: Tune Piano @ Work
90% Complete (need to replace one broken piano wire, whoops!)

Project #3: Dedicated Circuit for Server Rack
100% Complete (note to future self: buy way more wire than you think you'll need)

Project #4: Music Throughout the House
98% Complete (best decision, makes household chores 100x more enjoyable, waiting for keystone inserts to tidy up install)

Project #5: Outdoor Access Point
100% Complete (UAP-AC-M FTW)

Project #6: Clean Wood Trails
0% Complete (starting soon!)